Sammy Swat Says….

Sammy Swat Says …. Tis’ the time of year for entertaining!  The holidays are fast approaching and so many of us are planning holiday entertaining events.  Just how can we ensure that we are entertaining the guests that we want and not pesky party crashers known as insects?  While most friends and family enter our home through a door way, unwanted invaders often hitch a ride into our homes or invade through unseen cracks or crevices.  Let’s make a quick list of ways that we can help to prevent the unexpected guest.

One of the first things that we instruct our customers to do is to remove cardboard from the interior of your home.  Often, when party planning, we shop in bulk and need a way to carry all of those items into our home.  Used cardboard boxes can sometimes carry more than food items.  Roaches love to hide out in the inner sections of corrugated cardboard and can sometimes leave their babies nesting in that warm, cozy environment.  Cereals and other stored pantry items should be removed from store packaging and placed in plastic containers.  While this often times will help food remain fresher longer, it will prevent snacking insects from ruining your stored items.  Make sure the snack food items you purchase are just for you and your invited guests.

Another way to prevent undesirable visitors is to make sure that all cracks and crevices are properly caulked or sealed.  Cracks just large enough for a sheet of paper to fit are large enough for insects to make entrance.  Caulk is an easy to use household product and is available in many stores.  It is a great product to have on hand any time of year.  Be sure to check both the kitchen and the bathrooms for entry points.  Insects are often time looking for a water source and can be found where pipes enter and exit homes.  Any leaking pipe can provide water for an entire village of ants and roaches.  Take a quick look around the perimeter of your home and check for cracks and crevices as well as vegetation that touches the home.  Often times, invaders can be stopped just by providing a quick trim to plants and shrubs.  Be sure to eliminate any standing water from around the home as well.

Lastly, when the party guests have returned to their homes, be sure to put your home back in order quickly.  Food items left unattended can smell as appealing as fast food French fries!  Make sure that your home is not identified as a favorite hangout by insects.  Removal of trash and left over items will help to ease temptation.  Leftovers need to be properly sealed and stowed, as well as all food related items need to be washed and put away.  Countertops clear of clutter help to make sure that insects have no place for socializing.

Enjoy entertaining your friends and family this holiday season and make sure that party crashers are left in the cold!

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Helpful Hints: 10 Bug Stoppers

  • Seal exterior cracks and holes
  • Repair broken windows
  • Replace old weather stripping Repair loose mortar around home foundation
  • Trim branches and shrubs to at least 6 inches away from home
  • Repair damaged wood
  • Ventilate attics to keep them dry
  • Clear gutters
  • Keep home clean and clutter free, especially kitchen and garbage storage areas
  • Inspect packages, potted plants and luggage coming into your home

Get more helpful tips or contact Fort Myers Pest Control for services by visiting or calling 1-800-329-3100.

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